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When is the best season to train for golf?

The weather has turned colder over the last few weeks, and we have seen plenty of rain (with flurries in the forecast). I've heard many ask me "when is the best season to train for golf? Is it in the 'off' season?" The better questions is....should there be an off season from training?


Do the same thing you've always done and it will get you where you've always been. How many places is that applicable in life? Many. It applies to the body too. First, there's the SAID principle: Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand. Simply stated, it means the body adapts to the forces applied to it. Secondly, a rolling stone gathers no moss. Keep moving so you can keep eating grass, not growing it. Also, if we do the same exercises, the same training, the same cardio, your body will stay basically..the same. That's a good plan for maintenance, but what if you're looking to make gains? Strength, power, and increased swing speed allow for longer drives. The person who hits the ball the longest, wins... 80% of the time in the PGA (and hopefully on your home course too). Distance matters, and it's more fun to hit a long ball too!

Seasons of Training

There are times we can best use training sessions to focus on strength gains while still maintaining mobility and flexibility, and there are times we want to focus on speed training and body control. Fall, winter, and the beginning of spring in WNY is a great time to focus on raw strength in key areas, increase your shoulder turn, and improve your hip turn...all while picking up heavy weights. You're not done. Put them down, pick them up, and keep repeating. In the spring and summer months it's important to maintain body control with good core exercises, anti-rotation or resisted rotation exercises, nervous system training, and speed drills.

There may be an off season from golf if you aren't a snow bird, but there shouldn't be an off season from training if you want to keep moving well and enjoying life. Call Marie today to learn more about the best program for your body based on how you move during this season today!

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Author: Marie L Hall

Golf Fitness Expert, Performance Coach, Functional Movement Specialist