Whether you GOLF, play HOCKEY or are just looking to MOVE BETTER, let us help get you there.

Dudley Hart, PGA Professional Golfer

If you are serious about improving your golf game and overall fitness then you NEED to work with Marie. She has played a HUGE part in my recovery from spinal fusion and has not only made me aware of some physical limitations I have but given me a plan to fix them.

Functional Movement Specialists

Specializing in functional movements, Leading Edge Performance is the choice for athletes throughout Western New York.


“In my first five rounds, I could tell that my accuracy was improved and distance was better. More importantly, I could not do things with my swing that my Pro had been trying to get me to do for years…” – Charlie Maclay

Golf Fitness Programs

Golf Fitness Programs

What do all tour players have in common? They generate POWER from the same areas of their body, regardless of the fact one person’s swing differs from the next.

Hockey Fitness Programs

Hockey Fitness Programs

Whether you’re looking for more POWER in your slap shot, or maybe it’s more SPEED in your skating, or maybe you just want to stay FLEXIBLE or decrease your chance of INJURY.

Other Fitness Programs

Other Fitness Programs

Functional Movement Screening, Performance Exams and Injury Evaluation & Management are just a few additional services we provide.

Corrective Exercise Sessions

Treatments include but are not limited to: joint mobilizations, therapeutic exercise, functional myofascial taping, and instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM).


TPI Certification is a multi-level, multi-track certification program designed to improve the overall knowledge base of any professional that works with golfers (golf professionals, medical professionals, fitness professionals and biomechanics professionals).

Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Instructor


USA Hockey has implemented functional movement testing.  Let Leading Edge Performance help step up your game as well.

USA Hockey Functional Movement Programs

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